Blah of Thoughts

For the past month, I was home and I thought that I was going to find the solution or the one thing that I want to do for my this project since I was going to spend a lot of time in or near the water. But it did not happened that way. My feelings and ideas for this project somewhat changed. There are things that I have decided but there are things that I am still trying to figure out.

I had enough time in water and to process my feelings and thoughts about water to realize I do not want this project to be an experience for the audience.  When I experience water is so personal and I am so particular about where it is and all the conditions, that it is going to be too hard to recreate that moment and that others are able to experience water the way I do. Also, another reason is because there is nothing challenging or educational about experiencing water as I do.

The aspect that I am struggling the most is that I don’t want this project to simply entertain my audience but I want to challenge my audience, or that my project is educational, or simply something to ponder on. I could make those that have had different extremes, bad and good, of experiences with water as my audiences, and the content would be direct to them.

I am still interested in the impact that water can have visually on people, and the possible visuals that I could create with water. I am very intrigued in finding a way where I can control and manipulate water so that I can create an image or typography. I know I don’t want these to be still, but actually moving since  water is always constantly moving. Therefore, my final format will probably be video or gif.

With those things in mind, an idea that I had was to find impacting stories of people that have experienced water positively as well as negativity and make their stories into something visual while utilizing water. It could be stories of people that have gone through tsunamis and it can also be how people have received some sort of healing or restoration through water. I would choose someone that can represent these stories and photograph them in water or record them. The actions and emotions, props, and quality of the water shown in the photographs would represent the person’s story. The only problem that I have with this idea is how am I going to find these stories? I haven’t met anyone that has been impacted by water.

Another idea that I also had is that I am literally going to make letters with water. I would make the water glow, have a black background, throw the water in the air with a big brush forming the letter, and record each letter either by video or gif. Then I will combine the letters into a meaningful content. However, the problem is that I am not sure what content it could be.

I can keep coming up with ideas, but I need to  first figure out what I want my audience to take away.

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