Buckland – Project Plan

Over winter break, I interviewed 4 people from my LIFE Group. I asked them about their lives, their ideas on vulnerability, what their thoughts were on our LIFE Group, etc.

I know an immediate next step is that I need to be vulnerable like I have asked the people I have and will interview to be vulnerable with me. I am not sure, though, how this should take place? Should I audio record myself and tell like my life story or go through and answer the interview questions that I have been asking my LIFE Group members? Should I write it out or write out a narrative of my story? I am not sure what form this should take or what it should look like. Also, once I do any of these things, do I share it with the people I am going to interview before I interview them? I am just pretty confused about how this should take place and in what form. Another next step is to set up interviews with the rest of the people in my LIFE Group.

I have some ideas bouncing around about what shape this project will take:
I could video each interviewee doing something they love, whether that is painting, song writing/singing, photographing, etc. This is to show who they are and what they love to do.
I could video each interviewee in a simple, controlled environment and let them do whatever they want. I know this would cause confusion, but I think that it would be interesting to embrace the tension, and see what they do to when given limited direction. It could show who they are and their personality. I think it could go well to watch the video and see the person, while maybe listening to their audio from the interview.
I could photograph each interviewee and maybe manipulate the photographs somehow? Also, this could lend to making this project a campaign promoting small/community/LIFE groups through posters or something online.
I could paint something that illustrates the emotion or meaning in the interviews – maybe a separate piece for each. Or some form of art per interview.
I could ask the interviewees to create something that expresses themselves or explains their emotions regarding what they talked about. This option is really interesting to me and I would love to see what they would contribute. It also encourages them to be vulnerable in a different way, that maybe is easier for them than talking is. It would be interesting to see which one they did find easier to do. I also don’t want to burden them too much.

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