I went to the post office, tried to figure out what to do as far as Priority vs Regular by weight, as well as if I could do prepaid shipping labels. I cannot do prepaid labels unless I know the addresses the package will be sent to, so I may need to set up an email account specifically for that (people emailing the address they plan to send it to).

Also, I talked with the Gail Borden Library and was able to find some local shops that I will need to visit this week for the local Elgin goodies.

Mom & Me Boutique
Bee Crafty
Mama Lee’s Gourmet Popcorn
Elgin Books
Fox Valley Flea Market
Around the Corner Candy
Bob’s Trading Post
Sweets and More Company
Soulful Sparrow
State Street Market Shops

And after thinking about it, I am not going to send out two packages (one with a container object and one with an item object) I am going to send one package that contains the item object and the goodies. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a container as well, to hold the goodies.

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