Experiments with Light

The images show my process of different types of interaction. Last week I sought to discover how colored text disappears when show behind a colored sheet. This time, same concept, with projected light and text.


Red works really well.

Text and light projected onto translucent surface provides an interesting result.

Text on paper with light projected through clear color provided my predicted results, except that the text on the paper was a bit hard to read.

Blue projector light didn’t work too well, even at different shades and values.

The 3rd to last slide was interesting, that is just my computer screen and the text disappears. So I’m curious how it would work with different colors.

The first gif was just how the computer screen worked. I may experiment with visibility sheets, that at certain angles cover the screen / image.


Whats next:

Different colored paper (it’s in the mail)

I could see how I can change the projection light and the set up of the colored paper to understand how interaction with the medium is most effective / how it works in general.



What’s actually next (Feb 9th Update):

Projection mapping. What if I projected onto a 3d surface?

Not just to use type as communication, but I’m trying to see if I can bring back the idea of optical illusion. I’m still sticking with ‘perception vs. reality’ with this concept, but I’m trying to take it a bit further.

Here’s what I mean:

I definitely don’t have the skills or the time to create something like that, but it’s surprisingly quite simple. There are many projection mapping programs out there that use videos and allow you to manipulate or skew the surface that you project on.

Here’s something simpler / attainable–excuse the poor video quality.



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