Stark – Show+Tell

I know I want to do either a publication with interviews and photos of the lives of those I interview, or go more of a video route. Video route being less documentary, more vlog like, but still with the intent of educating others.

I’m still wondering/looking at different approaches for video. I don’t want to sit someone down in front of a camera and have them talk, or voiceover boring shots.


  • scenes of daily life of those interviewed
  • 360 or no
  • 360 of the place they were in while being interviewed but without them in it
  • compare our world to theirs through video


  • document those you interview
  • comparison photos
  • show content and success


  • what do they want people to know about their culture/life
  • a typical day for them

So like not exactly this, not as silly, but the raw, not too serious feel of this video.
click click

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