Puffer – S&T #4

What a time to be alive. T-minus 7/8 weeks til our shows.

Forget about the projectors. I’m moving forward with language as a way of getting people to understand “perception vs. reality.” Language, obviously, is something everyone understands–to a degree.

What I’m want to do is move forward with every phrasing about the way we talk about how we consume. A lot of our conversation is driven by acts of consuming, feelings about consuming, and we express our desire to consume via spoken language.

Hyperboles are a start for me since they are extremes of situations. I.e. “I’m starving!” is actually not true, it’s a perception. The reality of that phrase would be “I’m feeling hungry.”

So to portray the perception vs. reality aspect of hyperboles, I going to experiment with lenticular images. An example is below:

What this allows me to do is to, through one art board, show two sides of the phrase–perception and reality. When the viewer stands to the left of the board, one phrase is viewable, and from the other side, a different phrase. And the observer can determine which is which and the relationship between the phrases. Technical stuff about lens size, readability, frames (smooth animation, like above, OR immediate change of image) are things that I don’t know yet.

Next steps include:

language development of day to day phrases

figuring out how to produce lenticular images (http://gifpop.io/) (?)

developing a form of the images: how many, what size, etc.

I think experimenting with the possibilities of Lenticular images will give me a good direction of how “designed” the phrases are going to be.

Here’s a screenshot of phrases I have. Most of them aren’t hyperboles, but hopefully you can get an idea of what I’m getting at.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.02.23 PM

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