Baker Schedule

Feb 25th- March 1st

-design table of Contents

-catch of the month (3)

March 1st- 3rd

-content for article (hottest river)

-article layout

March 3rd -8th

-Knot Illustrations

-article 2 content

-design article 2

March 8th -10th

-finish Both articles

March 10th- 15th

-write out comics stories

-saftey and tips 3

-Design pages for saftey tips

March 15-17th

-Catch up and make sure everything on schedule is complete. start thinking of design for different season series.

March 17-22

-puzzle and gametypes

-design and illustrate material for games/ puzzles

-Iterations for each series and how each one will differ.

March 22-24

-DNR regulations  for specified rivers

-Design final page of listings of regulations

March 24-29th

-Finalize everything, put together

– Cohesify everything

  • add additional pages of how to DIY

March 29th- April 5th

-Work on how im going to print, make things easy to print and how to bind

Finish and finalize everything

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